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"steven is sooo annoying, the show should have only been about the gems"


Steven Quartz Universe is one of the best written child character in cartoons and I will fight you if you say otherwise. Like yeah he messes up and can be overbearing and obnoxious, but? That’s what kids are like?

Mini ramble here but;

The fact Steven is still likable/ goddamn ADORABLE even with those traits also says something about what a good character he is. Plus he’s also one of the best written/ most progressive male protags that I’ve seen TO DATE.

Examples; He cries pretty easy, but isn’t really ashamed of it/ it’s never even questioned or considered a weakness, by himself or anybody else (this is in NUMEROUS episodes, heck in an Indirect Kiss the supposed solution to their problem hinged on him being ABLE to cry).

He also likes pink, a lot of his clothes are pink/ his colour whole theme is pink! There’s a couple examples of him actively choosing to wear this colour (So Many Birthdays)/ nobody is forcing him to wear it against his will or anything. And even then, he’s not really super feminine while wearing pink/ wearing it doesn’t make him traditionally girly at all.  

His best human friend is a girl (a poc character as well!)-and it’s never, ever questioned/ he’s not received any ‘why are you hanging out with a girl’ or anything like that, nor does he think being friends with her is embarrassing or shameful (heck he asks/ works to gain her friendship himself, in a pretty respectful way all things considered.).

And going on from this, his main idols are also women/ the crystal gems! Steven doesn’t even think that any of this is odd/ he treats all of them with the same respect and compassion, and always ALWAYS wants to improve/ just spend time with them, powers or no. (Is it really any question why they all adore/ dote on him??) 

AND that’s also one of his talents and best traits; being compassionate and saying no whenever others try to use stuff like violence to solve a problem. There’s so many instances where Steven wins out because he chose not to be aggressive, he chose to protect or try and negotiate and communicate instead of attack. This is so, so, SO IMPORTANT A MESSAGE for young kids, especially young boys. 

In short, Steven Universe is a precious child and you should believe in him like wowww. Again, in fairness, yes he’s obnoxious and annoying on occasions, but don’t let that distract from the amazingly sweet and positive traits he also has.



If you could only know

What we really are

We were amazed to find

your beauty and your worth

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