OC concept thingy I think…:O

She doesn’t exactly have a name yet (seems to be a trend with my OCs B’D) but she suffers from a condition similar to the werewolf curse, though hers is more like a malignant mutation caused by contact with already afflicted cells :’3 (it tranfers in a similar method to the werewolf curse, but blood on blood contact must occur)

In short, the mutation has caused her own blood to turn silver, and on the nights of new moons she transforms into a Wendgio like monster, and must be trapped to prevent her hurting herself.

She has a scar on her face from one episode in which she managed to escape capitivity, and ended up fighting with a brown bear, which she subsequently mauled. (I have nothing against bear btw!! 8’D)

She also has a scar on her back, from when she first contracted the mutation. ;<;